Instructions and basic information
  Getting Started. Basic instructions on using the site.
  Is HEP2go a web based software or a downloaded application software?
  What are the differences between the Free plan and the Pro plan?
  Have multiple staff members? Starting a Group plan
  What and where is the "Copy Text" button?
  How do I use the routine naming system?
  Using HEP2go with your EMR software
  How to track HEPs
  Sharing exercises and routines - Basics
  Sharing exercises and routine - Permissions
  Sending an HEP via QR code
  Sending an HEP via SMS text message
  How can I change the date on the HEPs?
  Patient Resubscribe Process
  How to cancel a Pro subscription

  Troubleshooting and other

  Having trouble logging in or reseting password
  What are the compatible internet browsers to use?
  The site freezes up, is taking a very long time to load or you are experiencing other random problems
  When I click "Print" on the HEP Editor page, the PDF page to print is not appearing. What can I do?
  Can I use this website to create home programs for my workplace or business?
  Why did I not receive the confirmation email when I signed up?
  Why did my client/patient not get the home exercise program I emailed?
  After printing to paper, there are strange characters showing in the text description of the exercises. What can I do?
  What are the file types that are accepted for uploads of images and videos?
  New FAQs
  How can I change the date on the HEPs?
  How do I use the routine naming system?
  How to track HEPs
  Using HEP2go with your EMR software
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