Adding Exercises

In order to create a custom home exercise program, begin by adding exercises to your "HEP Editor" by hovering the
mouse over the exercise image and then click the add "+" button.

OR... click the image and be directed to the "Selected Exercise" page. Use the plus "+" button to add the exercise to
the HEP Editor, set the values and edit the default text description or title of the exercise. After editing the exercise,
use the "Save" button to display these changes the next time this exercise is visited.


As the HEP Editor starts collecting exercises that have been added, they can be viewed in the preview pane.



The HEP Editor Page is sort of like the exercise shopping cart, where all the exercises are collected and changes can
be made. When done editing, use the Deliver button to print, email, text or QR screen display the HEP for
telehealth sessions.

Other features include:

• Routine saving for quick HEP deployment of common conditions

• Company branding with the ability to upload a company logo and set a color theme for HEPs

• Quickly copy and paste all values (sets, reps, frequency) of one exercise to all exercises below

• Fully integrated Google Translate feature and easily recommending products on HEPs

• Work on multiple HEPs for multiple clients at the same time

• and more... (see diagram below)

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