QR HEP Deliveries

Send HEPs by QR display. Our fastest digital delivery system yet. Pro membership required.

Share your screen to your patient/client and they can scan the QR code to view the HEP on their device.

Get Started

While on the HEP Editor Page select "QR" at the bottom of the page

Display QR Code

Next, set the online access expiration and then click the "Display QR Code" button to display the QR code on your screen.

Retrieving the HEP

Have your patient/client open the camera app on their mobile device and point the camera at the QR code. Once scanned, a clickable link will show on the screen. Click the link and they will be directed to a dedicated web page that displays the HEP that you created. They can save a bookmark of the page or download a PDF for future reference.


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