Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting

The site freezes up, is taking a very long time to load or you are experiencing other random problems

Here are things you can try...

First, be sure to use Chrome, Safari or Firefox only. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported by Microsoft any longer and Microsoft Edge has many known compatibility problems with many websites and is not recommended.

Next, try closing the browser you are using and reopening it and try the site again.

If that does not help, then please log out and then log back in and try again.

If that doesn't help, then please try deleting cookies and ALL temporary Internet files from your browser settings, close the browser, reopen it and try again. Detailed instructions

Other helpful tips...

Restart your computer/device and try again.

Check to see if you have any updates to the browser or computer. Complete all recommended updates and try again.

Sometimes browser extensions can affect the use of the site. Try using the site while your browser is in "incognito" or "private mode". This allows the site to run with all browser extensions turned off. You can learn how to enable incognito/private mode here. If the site works great in this mode, then it's possible that one or more extensions is causing a problem with the site. This sometime happens with anti-virus extensions or the like. Try adding to the white list of any anti-virus or firewall program you may be using.

In order to identify if its a local problem or a problem with the website, use a smartphone while on your LTE/5G connection and see if you get the same errors. If the site works well while using your smart phone on its LTE connection, then the problem can be narrowed down to a local issue with your computer settings or local network.

If you still have problems, please check with your IT department or you can also complete our bug report.

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