Deliver HEPs by
SMS Text

Pro members can send HEPs by sms text to a patient or client’s mobile device. This is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to deliver an HEP.

Simply enter in the telephone number and send. It's that simple.

Select SMS for Delivery

While on the HEP Editor Page, at the bottom, select "SMS"

Enter Telephone Number

Next, enter your patient or client's telephone number and we will send them your custom HEP.

First, be sure the the country code is correct. For U.S. phone numbers, a "1" is already in the box and you don't need to change it.  If you are texting to a phone in another country, then replace the "1" with the correct Country Code.  If you need to find a country code, click here.

Next, enter the telephone number starting with the area code. Then click "Send SMS Text". Do not use hyphens or other symbols. Use only numbers.

Retrieving the HEP

Your patient/client device will receive a text message as shown below.


The link will direct them to our dedicated page to show their digital version HEP.
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