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The HEP2go Team creates professional therapeutic exercises and our rehab professional members do as well. You can choose to use which ever you like. We have thousands of pictures and videos that you can use to build a Home Exercise Program (HEP).

Now finally, a place we as therapists and rehab professionals can share and learn from one another, we call the rehab "Community Tool Box".

1000's of minds instead of just a few can achieve much more :)


  Save All Custom Values and Text With Any Exercise - FREE or PRO  

Change the title, description, number of sets/reps/frequency on any exercise in our site so that it will be saved to your specifications the next time you use it.

Save full customization changes you make to exercises you use frequently.


  Save Custom Routines - 2 Routines for FREE and Unlimited for PRO

Allows multiple exercises on the Exercise Editor to be saved as a routine to your specifications for easy and fast generating of your programs. You can save 2 routines with a Free membership and save unlimited routine sets with a PRO membership.


  Build Your Own Custom Exercises - FREE or PRO

Upload your own photos and videos to create custom exercises to use. Set them as "Private" or "Public".


  Search Features - FREE or PRO

More search features than you can shake a stick at. Search by keywords with search word suggestions, search by Group, Category, Subcategory or Position. Search by your favorites, your shared exercises or private exercises. Search by A-Z, most favorited, most recent or most sent.


Share Exercises and Routines with Others

Pro members only can share private exercises and private routines with co-workers or colleagues. Share or unshare private routines or exercises with only members you select.


Other Pro Features

Get more features such as,

Sending HEP's via email, SMS Text or by QR code
Color Theme the HEP,
Logo Brand the HEP,
Copy details of the current HEP to your clipboard for pasting into your documentation system
Save Unlimited Exercise Routines,
"Apply To All Below" Feature (quickly copies and pastes all sets/reps/Freq to all exercises),
and more...

See all the features and select which plan is best for you?  Compare Free Verses Pro Memberships

  Now finally, a large Community Tool Box for everyone
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