Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting

    How do I save my logo and contact info on the 'Print Page' so that I do not have to enter and upload it each time I visit the site?
    In order to save your logo and contact info to be printed or emailed with each home exercise program, you first need to make sure you sign up for a "Pro" membership and then also make sure you are logged in.
    Once logged in, you can goto the 'HEP Editor Page' and click the current logo button on the page to drop down the customization field. There you can upload your logo and add your contact info. Once you have done this, make a name for this in the "Theme Name" box and then click on "Save New".  This will add this "theme" to your list.
    The next time you arrive at your "HEP Editor" page, the theme should be already set and ready to go. In fact, the last loaded theme you save or loaded will be remembered the next time you use the site and will be ready to print or email.
    Just remember to make sure you're logged in or your "Theme" will not be displayed.
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