Instructions on Using the Site
Getting Started. Basic instructions on using the site.
Having trouble reseting password
How to change/save the logo, theme color and add contact info to an HEP
Sharing exercises and routines - Basics
Sharing exercises and routine - Permissions
What is "Hide mode" and how does it work
Sending an HEP via SMS text message
Patient Resubcribe Process


What are the compatible internet browsers to use?
What are the important settings needed to run the website smoothly on the browsers? Example problems...the "Done" button (looks like a check mark icon) is not working, getting "Ajax Errors", adding exercises to the HEP Editor list is not working.
When I click "Print" on the HEP Editor page, the PDF page to print with exercises I selected on it is not appearing. What can I do?
Can I use this website to create programs for my workplace or business in the form of handouts or emails?
Why did I not receive the confirmation email when I signed up?
Why did my client/patient not get the home exercise program I emailed?
Site is running slow at random times and on various pages. What can I do?
After printing to paper, there are strange characters showing in the text description of the exercises. What can I do?
What are the file types that are accepted for uploads of pictures and videos?
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