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  Print HEPs   Print HEPs
  2 Saved Routines   Email HEPs
      SMS Text HEPs
    Unlimited Saved Routines
    Logo Branding
    Share Private Exercises and Routines
    "Apply To All Below" Enabled
    "Hide Mode" Enabled
Plan Details   Basic Pro
Access to All Content
Build HEP's from 1,000's of therapeutic exercises
Send HEPs Via Email
Deliver custom HEP via email
Print HEPs to printer
Create custom HEP as printed handout
Create Custom Exercises
Create new exercises with custom title, description, sets, reps, frequency, etc
Save Routines/Protocols
Create and save grouping of exercises as a routine/protocol for common conditions for easy and fast deployment of HEPs
  2 Routines Unlimited Routines

SMS Delivery of HEPs
Send HEP's using a phone number to a smart phone for easy, fast and reliable retrieval. Details


Company Logo Branding
Add your business logo and contact information on all HEP's printed and/or on-line versions via email.  


Also, your logo will be branded on is the page that your clients go to retrieve their on-line version of their HEP. Normally it has the HEP2go Logo. Replace it with your company's logo to further brand your company's identity



Hide Mode

Speed up browsing and building of HEP's by hiding specific exercises you do not want to see. You can set any exercise as "hidden" or "shown" from the browsing pages to further customize your needs and make your browsing more efficient.   





Share Private Exercises and Routines

Allow only employees, co-workers or colleagues to use private exercises and routines but keep content hidden from public use.



Apply To All Below
The Apply To All button   will copy and paste the sets, reps, duration, frequency and all values set on one exercise to all exercise items below it while on the Exercise Editor Page. This dramatically increases the speed of creating HEPs.   




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